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How do I upgrade/update to a new version/build?

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Created On: 6 Jan 2000 7:07 am
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:34 am

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Users sometimes need assistance or clarification on upgrading.


Contact before upgrading! If your license is not valid for the new version you may irreversibly change your database!

If you get an "This certificate is for an older version" message, then you must login directly (..../webx?15@@) as sysop, then migrate your way to the sysop control panel for "Install new Certificate", and paste your valid upgraded certificate there.

These are general instructions only. Please follow the instructions particular to your OS that you will be presented with at installation time.

Follow proper procedure when installing any software, and perform a backup (a Web Crossing backup) and safely store copies of the backup files elsewhere. If there is a problem you will need to restore from backups as the database structure may have changed between versions.

Obtain the Web Crossing version applicable to your OS by contacting support. Generally if you are upgrading from one version lower, you can install your new certificate into the older version. Try it. If it works, immediately force a manual backup so the new certificate is permanently stored in the database.

After backing up, shut down Web Crossing. Also store copies of the graphics in your relevant IMAGES directory if they have been modified as they will be overwritten. Run the new installer, overwriting your existing installation (under UNIX, expand the TARball right on top of your existing installation, then re-run "webx-install" [NOTE: recent releases contain a new "webx-update", if you have this in your tar ball then run ./webx-update in order to complete your update/upgrade]). Depending on your OS you may need to restart webX, others will start automatically. OSX USERS MUST REMEMBER TO DO ALL OF THIS AS 'ROOT' VIA THE 'SUDO' COMMAND.

Your database will be imported into the new version. After which you can restore your original images. Finish up by resetting the Images and HTML cache in your sysop contro panel so your images will now be served.

Tip: If you are making a major version leap, say from 3.1 to 4.1, and/or have done previous incremental upgrades to 3.1 (1.x to 2.x to 3.x), it would be best if you performed a site export from your current version, and import it into your 4.x+ version. See related FAQ on the export/import.

Also see the following FAQs: Does Upgrading Delete my Data? Reset my Design? and How do I move Web Crossing to a different server?