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Supported Versions Life Cycle

Created On: 28 Mar 2000 6:39 am
Last Edited: 10 Dec 2018 9:20 am

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What is your product versions' supported Life Cycle?

Tip:You can determine your current Web Crossing version by logging in as sysop and going to the "Control Panel". At the very top of the page you will see the version listed. For example: Web Crossing® Unix-v6.4 built Oct 13 2010 10:13:16 (source:1495 2009-06-16 15:07:39 -0700)


Elliptics continuously makes improvements to our products, services and support operations. We are dedicated to delivering timely, technical expertise to our customers.

In an effort to accomplish this task, Bayspire follows a Technical Support Life Cycle which allows you to receive the most accurate Web Crossing information.

In accordance with these policies:

Support for ANY Version Prior to 6.0 has ceased.

Support for Beta Versions ceases immediately upon release of the official Stable Build. Please upgrade to the most recent Stable release (currently version 6.4).

Elliptics encourages all users to upgrade to the latest version of Web Crossing. Version 6.4 has many new major features and enhancements. Any licensing questions should be directed to "" Please identify certificate by organization name, and/or send a copy of the certificate for clarification.