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Mar 2, 2021 - 06:27pm

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Did You Just Select "Track User Posts"?

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Created On: 27 Oct 1999 8:51 am
Last Edited: 27 Oct 1999 8:51 am

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Web Crossing is unresponsive or responding slowly. I just opted to "Track User Posts" and/or "Rebuild user post information"?


Web Crossing can become slow or unresponsive when it has to build/rebuild the information needed to track user posts. Large databases and/or slow systems can take quite some time. It is recommended this option only be performed during off peak times,


Perform this operation offline on a development server. When done, shut down your production and development server. Move or rename the production webx.db, then move the development webx.db over to production and rename it webxdb.1 When you start up the production web crossing, changes that accumulated in webxroll.1 will be incorporated automatically.