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Exceeding Database Size Limits

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Created On: 11 Jan 2002 9:27 am
Last Edited: 26 Jan 2011 9:28 am

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What happens when a database has reached its file size limit?


Maximum database size depends on the OS you are using as well as the version of Web crossing, but currently ranges from 2GB to 64GB.

When the db is getting close to the limit, the sysop is emailed a
warning message, and a red warning appears at the top of each sysop
page "No more pages in database file."

The server continues to run, but new content cannot be posted and
will get errors.

Other errors that may appear in webx.log that can be caused by this, but in and of themselves do not equate to a maxed out DB:

No heap memory.
Insufficient inital memory for the heap package.
No host memory.
Illegal host spec.
Illegal device spec.
Illegal directory spec.
Illegal file spec.
Illegal attributes.
Bad handle passed to FiXX call.
Filename already exists.
No such device.
No such directory.
No such file.
Too many files open.
Directory is full.
Disk is full.
File is locked.
Access is denied.
Mismatched access permission.
End of file.
Call is not applicable.
No such host.
I/O request is too large.
Invalid lock request.
FiInit failed.
Ambiguous directory.
Media write protected.
General host error.
Cannot read/write media.
Media error occurred, no resolution.
No disk present.
Too many databases open at one time.
Attempt to save an untitled file.
Not a WebX database file.
Corrupted database.
No such revision.
Database file already exists.
No more memory for database page table.
No more pages in transient file.
No more pages in database file.
Internal error, attempt to write read-only database.
Attempt to open read-only file with write access.
Internal error, save denied.
Internal error, old revision specified.
Internal error, no relocation available for this object.
Internal error, no master partition.
Internal error, user already reserved.
Database file too large for this version to open.