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What are Page View Equivalents?

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Created On: 6 Feb 2001 7:24 am
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:33 am

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What are page view equivalents and how are they calculated (version 4.0+)?

Page Views (versus equivalents) are self-explanatory. One page loaded = one Page View


For licensed customers, equivalents are calculated thusly:

  • Email messages are counted as 1/10th of a page-view: 10,000 email messages are the same as 1,000 pageviews. Each incoming and outgoing message is counted.
  • "Newsgroup (NNTP)" messages are counted in the same manner as email.
  • Chat messages are counted as 1/100th of a pageview.
  • Each static page, or graphic served: no limit
  • Each dynamic page served:1 page view
  • Each enclosure served: no limit

For Hosted Sites:

  • Each dynamic page served*:1 page view
  • Each static page or graphic served**: 1/10th page view plus 1 page view per 50K
  • Each mail or NNTP message served: 1/10th page view
  • Each enclosure served: 1 page view per 50K
  • Each chat message served: 1/100th page view

* a dynamic page is a page served from Web Crossing's database (forum message pages) or a page served from Web
Crossing's scripting languages (custom application).
** a static page is a page served from files outside the Web Crossing database (files in your html folder). Graphic images are cached and are typically served just one time per browser session.

Any page served by Web Crossing counts towards Page Views!

For example consider adding a discussion:

  1. User clicks "add discussion" and the Add Discussion page is shown: View 1
  2. Discussion is composed and the user clicks "Check Spelling". Resulting Spell Check page: View 2
  3. Discussion is accepted and posted: View 3
  4. Total of 3 page views for discussion composition. If the user decided to go back and edit their discussion, this number would increase by 2 for every edit (1 for the edit screen, 1 for the resulting Discussion display): 5, 7, 9 and so on.

Other factors that can affect page views (but not limited to):

  1. Automatically refreshing/reloading pages, framesets, ad banner code and the like.
  2. Being spidered. You should practice proper server administration and create a robots.txt file. See here.
  3. Development. During site development there is usually a very heavy page view load while macros, pages, html, etc are checked, edited, refreshed, reloaded and tweaked some more.

Exceeding Limits:

A server or cluster is permitted to exceed its license for 10 days without any impact on service. Each day that the site exceeds the license, a warning email is sent to the administrator and a warning is placed in the banner for the sysop and hosts. After 10 days of exceeding the license, the server or cluster will stop serving more than the licensed number of pages, putting up an error page instead.