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Installing a New Certificate When Locked Out

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Created On: 3 Apr 2003 11:44 am
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:32 am

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I have either installed a new version of Web Crossing, and forgot to install my new certificate first, OR I have exceeded license limits too many times....and I am locked out of my site! I cannot enter the new certificate!


I don't care about any of this mumbo jumbo, just help me fix this now

You will need to fix this one of two ways. Both require using URL command codes directly. You will need to have your certificate on hand and your sysop password. You many also use our automated form (link below) to do this for you.

NOTE: If you receive a "400 Per-day license limits have been reached." when trying any of these steps, you will need to manually shut down and restart the server in order for the new certificate to "take".

First, try to enter the "Install new certificate." control panel directly. In your browser, type your site's usual Web Crossing URL and "script name" such that it looks something like this (the parts after the "?" is the most important):

...where you substitute "password" with your sysop password (URL encoded if required). Then enter your certificate once in.

If you cannot get to the certificate page at all, you will need to force the entry of the new certificate directly:!certificate=YourNewCertifcateHere

where you substitute "password" with your sysop password (URL encoded if required) and "YourNewCertifcateHere" with your certificate (must be URL encoded).

If you have no idea what URL encoding is, or are feeling lazy click here and we'll try and help further.