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How can I Modify Outgoing Email Retry Period?

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Created On: 8 Nov 2001 1:30 pm
Last Edited: 18 Oct 2012 8:56 pm

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Web Crossing defaults to trying to deliver email every 5 minutes, up to the maximum number of hours to hold undeliverable email as set in the Email Services control panel.

Is it possible to change the retry period from 5 minutes to some other value?


There is an undocumented feature to allow you to change the retry period!

To change this on a per domain basis, you need to add an entry to the "Special routing for outgoing mail" table. This is available to sysops only, not Super Hosts, and is valid for any outgoing email whether sent via webx's own SMTP server or an external SMTP server:

For each entry in the table, you can specify a "retry=minutes" for retry schedule. So:

from=xxxDomain to=yyyDomain retry=1

So if the last entry here is

from=* to= retry=1

That will set the retry to 1 minute for everything (that isn't picked up by some earlier entry in the table that is).