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Poor Performace: Pages load slowly.

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Created On: 21 Oct 1999 9:23 am
Last Edited: 4 Apr 2006 3:15 pm

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Pages load partially then hang, or are just slow to load overall.


  • Pages that load partially then hang are usually due to the inclusion of image files being pulled from outside of Web Crossing. For example, but not limited to:

    1. Ad Servers
    2. Slow Web Servers
    3. Images loaded/created by scripts.
    4. Bad HTML

  • Pages that are slow to load from the start may also be due the reasons outlined above if an image is the first thing to appear on the page.
  • Complex TABLE constructs can cause browsers such as Netscape to take a long time to render the final page to the screen. This is not a Web Crossing issue.
  • Custom macros or code snippets that rely on external servers (typically using .http calls). This could be for external authentication, or dynamic "includes", or what-have-you. If the external server is slow or not responding, the default time out value for an .http call is 30 seconds! This is not the fault of Web Crossing obviously.
  • Otherwise, see the other FAQs section in "Performance Issues".