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How do I modify the Toolbars

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Created On: 25 Jul 2000 7:23 pm
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 9:30 am

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Users sometimes want to change the layout of the built in toolbars.


Go to "Other settings" in the control panel and make sure the setting for "3-row toolbar" is ON.

Pre version 5.0:

    Then go to webxextn.tpl (in your root webx directory) and grab the toolbar macros and the three submacros ( usertools, foldertools and configtools) that it calls (for each of the three rows).

    Put all of this in webx.tpl and edit it as you wish.

    Reset the cache and you should see the changes.

    The nice thing here is that if you turn OFF the 3-row toolbar you can go back to the old one if you ever wish to.

Version 5.0+