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How do I move Web Crossing to a different server?

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Created On: 25 Feb 1999 7:17 pm
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:34 am

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The best approach is to install Web Crossing version on the new server, then replace the demo database with the actual database from the old server.


  1. Make arrangements to download the appropriate Web Crossing installer by contacting support.
  2. Install Web Crossing on the new server and test your installation in either demo mode or input your current license certificate. Configure the new server with all the appropriate settings as per the original server. Stop Web Crossing on the new server.
  3. On the old server, do a normal backup for safety's sake.
  4. Move the webx.tpl file (if present), any "Included" .tpl files, and any custom .auto files from the old server to the new server, along with any custom images, enclosures from the enclosures directory, and static html files served by Web Crossing.If you are moving platforms, but the same version of v5 or v6, you may be able to copy the entire contents of the template directory (by default this is webxTemplates) over to the new server.
  5. Optional: Start Web Crossing on the new server and test that everything is still working.
  6. Stop Web Crossing on both servers, move the webx.db file from the old server to the new server, and start Web Crossing on the new server. If you are also upgrading versions at the same time, the new version may be unresponsive for a period of time (larger the DB, longer the delay) while it converts the database to a new format.
  7. If you are running version 5.0+, also see here.