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Number of objects used & Web Crossing Product Limits

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Created On: 30 Sep 1999 1:41 pm
Last Edited: 1 Nov 1999 12:34 pm

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I'm using the bronze version and we only have two users, but I'm getting an error message that we have too many users (or need a new certificate number, etc). (Object limits can be exceeded in all versions except Platinum.)


An object in the Web Crossing sense is a user, folder, discussion, message,link, or chat. The Bronze version of Web Crossing is limited to 1,000 objects, Silver has 20,000, Gold has 200,000, and Platinum has no limit.

For example, if you had a database with 2 users, 1 discussion, and 997
messages in the discussion, you would be at the Bronze object limit (2 + 1 + 997 = 1000) and would not be permitted to add anything until you removed some of the old objects or upgraded to Silver or Gold.