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How does moderation work?

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Created On: 25 Nov 1997 7:35 pm
Last Edited: 6 Feb 2001 8:57 am

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The various moderation options can be confusing.


The General section of the control panel contains the "objectionable words" textbox. If this textbox has one or more entries, only new posts containing the listed words will be moderated - all other posts will become public immediately (with version 4.0+, each folder may have it's own custom Objectionable Word list).

Web Crossing, Inc. does not take a position on what constitutes an objectionable word, and does not have a sample list of words.

The sysop is a moderator only for areas where a host is not assigned. If a host is assigned, the sysop will not moderate messages in the host's area unless the user "sysop" is also explicitly designated a host in that area.

A user may have "moderated" status in some areas and "participant" (i.e. unmoderated) status in others - this is an issue of Access List management rather than moderation.