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How do I do server-side includes (SSI) with Web Crossing?

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Created On: 12 Dec 1997 9:35 am
Last Edited: 29 May 2002 2:32 pm

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Users sometimes wish to use server-side includes to add banners or other information to a Web Crossing page.


The term "server-side includes", often abbreviated as SSI, refers to post-processing done by the web server to a web page. Codes entered into the HTML of the web page are expanded by the web server to "include" another web page. This is often done to add menus or advertisements to many pages without needing to modify each page when something is changed.

Unfortunately, this technology won't work with Web Crossing - we're not aware of any web server that supports SSI for CGI applications.

The closest you can come to is to use the WCTL commands like %% file ( filename ) %% or %% filename.fileRead %%, which will read in file off disk. If you can dynamically update filename, this may be a useful substitute if that file contains HTML. Or perhaps an %% "xxx".http %% call to a URL that will return the info you desire. These commands are detailed in your sysop documentation.

Other options are to call a CGI script which could return dynaminc content: %% cgi ( commandLineString ) %%, or to use the %% url.http %% directive.

These and all other WCTL commands are detailed in the sysop documentation.