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How to uninstall Web Crossing from a Windows Box?

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Created On: 30 Sep 1999 9:22 am
Last Edited: 22 Oct 1999 1:27 pm

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How do I uninstall Web Crossing from Windows?


Versions previous to 3.1:

The installer for pre-V3.1 does not do uninstalls. The way to remove Web Crossing on a WindowsNT box is to stop and uninstall the service using the Web Crossing Configuration dialog, then delete the webx directory and the webx.cgi, webx.exe, and webx.dll binaries placed in the CGI directory.

On Windows95/98 box there is no service to uninstall, so just stop Web Crossing.

If Web Crossing was installed only in direct web service mode the webx.cgi, webx.exe, and webx.dll binaries won't exist.