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How do I install Web Crossing on a Unix machine (pre V3.1)?

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Created On: 25 Nov 1997 7:37 pm
Last Edited: 30 Mar 2000 12:29 pm

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Since the Unix installation is less automated than that for MacOS or Windows, and users sometimes have little Unix experience, some users may find step-by-step Unix installation instructions helpful.

Always read the README files in your compressed archive for the most up-to-date instructions.


Step-by-step instructions:

1. Make sure the user has shell (also called telnet) access. A shell account is required to install Web Crossing. Some ISPs provide the user with ftp access only, which is not adequate.

2. Find out the location of the CGI directory. Most often this is called "cgi-bin" but any name may be used. If the user does not have this information, they must obtain it before installation can continue.

3. Download the correct installer from our web site.

4. Move the installer to a location outside of the directories that are served by the web server. The installer will create a new directory "webx" underneath the location where it is extracted, so the user should plan accordingly.

5. Uncompress the installer with "uncompress filename", where "filename" is the actual name of the installer downloaded. This will change the name of the file by removing ".Z" from the end.

6. Extract the tar file with "tar -xvf filename". Remember that ".Z" is no longer on the end of the filename.

7. Run "make cgi" to create the WebX script.

8. Run "make global" to set the permissions correctly.

9. Move the Web script to the CGI directory with "mv ./WebX /dirpath" where "/dirpath" represents the full path to the CGI directory.

10. Start Web Crossing with "make run".