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What does "HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden" mean?

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Created On: 21 Oct 1999 1:05 pm
Last Edited: 6 Sep 2006 6:59 pm

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1) Why do I get an HTTP 403 error after I install Web Crossing?

2) Why do I get an HTTP 403 for images or other resources? Or why are all my images not loading?


1) "HTTP Error 403" after installation is an error from a web server external to Web Crossing and is not generated by Web Crossing in any way. Since this is not a Web Crossing error nor in any way in the control of Web Crossing, you need to look to your web server setup for the source and possible solutions (permissions?). There are many types of web servers under a multitude of operating systems. If you are stuck, you should consult your web server documentation, technical support, or your system adminstrator(s).

2) You have activated, but misconfigured or incompletely configured, the Bandwidth Theft Protection section of the optional Flood Control plugin (version 5+). Typically you haven't inputed all the possible domain names under which your site can be accessed (the plugin tries to figure at initial installation what domains and IPs you have, but it isn't aways complete). From the instructions: "Set the "Allowed Referer Domains" to all domain variations on your site (, and IPs) or permitted off-site addresses, one per line."