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My Live and Backup Databases are Corrupted

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Created On: 30 Sep 1999 8:53 am
Last Edited: 4 Jul 2005 6:59 pm

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I suspect that my databases (inlcuding backups) might be corrupted or have inconsistencies in them. What can I do?


See "Common Causes for Database Corruption".

See "How do I restore a backup of my database?" if just your live database is corrupted.

If you can still access web crossing, perform the following steps. If web crossing cannot be started, please contact support.

The following procedure is best performed with version 3.1+ You may upgrade from 3.0.x to 3.1 for free. 3.0.x does not retain user subscription high-water marks when performing the following task. What this means is that user subscription lists will be reset once the procedure is complete. Version 3.1+ avoids this.

Go into the sysop main control panel, and head towards the bottom of the page. Click the "export" link and export the entire site. Make note of the export file name (ExpNN) will be found in your root webx directory.

OR, logged in as sysop, click the EXPORT button at the top level of your site and choose "The Entire Site".

1) Leave or put your ExpNN into your root Web Crossing directory (if you need to rename it, go ahead, just remember what you called it)

2) Stop web crossing. Clear out and safely store all of the
following from your webx directory: webx.db, webxroll.NN, webx.idx (pre-v5.0), webxdb.NN

3) Start web crossing, and access it.

4) Answer the new installation configuration questions, ** including
installation of the certificate/order ID ** It is important to install a certificate before you import. Prior to installing a certificate, the demo/download version has limitations.

5) Log on as sysop.

6) Delete the Guided Tour folder. ** It is important to delete the default Guided Tour so that unique IDs can be preserved (later versions of 4.0 have a Click Here to Begin and Quick Help and Admin Tour instead which should also be deleted. The important thing is that you delete ANY and ALL regular visible data in the database before the import. However, you can leave all normal hidden/system files...things like 'images', 'system', 'webxtemplates' and so on).

7) Navigate to the Memory Usage section of the control panel and increase the memory settings to at least as much as what you had set when running the old database. It is a good idea to increase memory settings to what the old database was using to maximize performance of the import and minimize database fragmentation. If you can afford to give webx more than that temporarily (avoid maxing this out and forcing the use of virtual memory), then the process will be even quicker.

When you are ready

8 ) Import the file from step 1 by clicking the Import toolbar button and entering the name of the export file.

This may take hours, depending on the size of the DB.