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Large SOH (Small Object Heap)

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Created On: 20 Mar 2017 8:58 am
Last Edited: 20 Mar 2017 9:21 am

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Increasing the SOH beyond 1.5GB


The default maximum allowed Small Object Heap, as set in the "Memory Usage" control panel (accessible by the SYSOP only), is 1.5GB (1572864 kb).

If you are running a 64bit Linux kernel, and you have sufficient free physical RAM (not virtual), this value can be increased up to 2GB (2097151 kb) via the following method. Note this requires shell access and cannot be done from Web Crossing itself.

Should you do this? Only if you feel performance is suffering. A larger SOH is particularly useful for sites with a large database and a high level of activity. It helps cache items in server RAM, and generally speeds things along. Over the years, more and more RAM resources have become available to servers, and we will continue to work on updating WebCrossing to take advantage of these resources.


1) Access your WebCrossing server via SSH and navigate to its /webx directory (where the core system files live). Be sure you are root or whatever user your sysadmins have assigned for the operation of Web Crossing.

2) Shut down WebCrossing via ./make-quit

3) Create a blank text file called "largeRAM" (without the quotes). Typically this is done by entering the command "touch largeRAM")

4) Restart WebCrossing via ./start-webx or ./make-run

5) Navigate to the "Memory Usage" control panel and set your SOH as required. There will me a brief pause while the new allocation takes affect.