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Database Integrity Checking

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Created On: 15 Jul 2009 12:26 pm
Last Edited: 15 Jul 2009 1:11 pm

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Is there a way I can tell if my database is sound, or if it contains any corruption or inconsistency?


Use of this macro and information is provided "as-is" and without warranty. You agree not to hold Web Crossing, Inc. (WCI) or any employee or agent of WCI responsible for any damages. There are no guarantees stated or implied as to the suitability, comprehensiveness, or results obtained.

The following macro (for recent builds of version 6.0+) will attempt to uncover corruption within the database by accessing every location ID (folder, discussion, etc), as well as every user.

The "normal" run option will pull up the output of a location in simulation of how a user would access it, as well as retrieve nearly all information associated with a user record. This is the most thorough, but slower option.

The fast option will instead move an internal pointer to each location (which causes Web Crossing to open that location), and simply retrieve the user name for each user.

Please read, verify and understand the following before proceeding:

  • This test should be run with the server in standalone mode, not distributed.

  • This test should not be run on a production (live, publically accessible) instance for performance reasons.

  • Test should be run with only this macro and our base system. Ideally you should remove or deactivate any custom macros, as well as any add-on plugins from our plugin store.
  • Allow the test to run exclusively: no other access, additions, deletions or modifications to the database or users, no cache reset or file system resynch.

  • Test time will vary widely and depends on the number of objects and users in the database, the hardware the server is on, and the memory allocated to Web Crossing. For example, a "Fast Check" of a 1.7GB database with 1.2million locations and 272,000 users running on BSD 6.2/2.8Ghz Xeon/4G RAM/SATA/RAID 1+0, 200K Small Object Heap & 100K Disk Cache allocated, takes approximately 24 hours.

Still with us? Great! Now download the attached file and place it into your webxTemplates directory, then refresh the cache or restart the server. When your site is responding call the macro by using "" and follow the prompts.

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