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Using favicon.ico when Multihoming Web Crossing

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Created On: 28 Feb 2005 2:40 pm
Last Edited: 19 Jan 2006 11:28 am

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How do I use favicon.ico if my Web Crossing server is multihomed?


Using a favicon is easy when you have only one domain name: you place it at the very top level of your site.

However if your site is multihomed (serving more than one domain name out of subfolders) and you want different favicon.ico for each site, it isn't readily apparent how to set this up.

First, after you have your favicon.ico created, put it in the very top level of the folder serving the domain in question. Then go to your Web Services Control Panel and add an entry at the top of the Web Mapping form field that looks like the following. Do this for each of the domains your site serves that need a custom favicon.ico.

The following example assumes that the domain "" is already mapped and being served out of the top level folder called with a path of "yourdomainfolder". Adjust accordingly. What you are doing here is simply remapping the request for favicon.ico to the subfolder that serves the site.

Example webx:/yourdomainfolder/favicon.ico