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Missing 'To Here' or Source or Destination is Incorrect

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Created On: 28 Aug 2004 7:14 am
Last Edited: 22 Mar 2005 1:04 pm

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When I click on "move" for a discussion or a message, I do not get a "To Here" button to appear.


My "To Here" is present, but sends the item to the incorrect location, or the source to move is not the one I asked for.


First, if you are running 5.0+, make sure you have performed a "Check for Updates" and get the most recent plugins/extensions code.

  1. You have upgraded from pre-4.1 versions (either in one step or over several upgrades). Early versions contained some code for handling Move and To Here in the Control Panels for "Folders" and "Discussions" in the areas labelled like "HTML to insert before all folder (or discussion) descriptions: ". Recent versions have this code built in.
  2. You have your own custom code in the same area(s) mentioned above, which is overriding the built in "Move" and "To Here" functionality.
  3. You have custom macros or other custom code in one or more locations that can either override or break the built in functionality. This may prevent display of the commands, or may cause the source or destination of the move to be incorrect (usually by misuse of a setPath command).

    This code can appear in, but is not limited to, areas such as:

    • Custom macros inside, or referenced by, webx.tpl
    • Custom WCTL/WCJS inside any number of Control Panels (Banner, Footer, header, HEAD Section, HTML Before/After descriptions and so on).
    • Custom WCTL/WCJS installed in Banners or Footers at the Folder Level itself.

  4. You are behind a rotating proxy server that frequently changes your apparent IP. When this happens the Web Crossing user certificate is lost and the session variables used for tracking the MOVE are lost. As sysop (or operations) edit the user's preferences and deselect "A user certificate is only valid if it comes from the same IP address". Can also be done for the entire site in the Registered Users Control Panel

Also see other FAQs related to debugging problems with macros.