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File MIME types

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Created On: 22 Jan 2004 11:47 am
Last Edited: 8 Jul 2005 2:45 pm

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I've accidently erased my "File MIME types" setting (version 5.0) in the Web Services Control Panel!


The stock File MIME types supplied with Web Crossing as of January 2005 are below.

acgi text/html
ai application/postscript
aif audio/x-aiff
aifc audio/x-aiff
aiff audio/x-aiff
asf video/x-ms-asf
asx video/x-ms-asf
au audio/basic
auto text/plain
avi video/x-msvideo
bas text/plain
bcpio application/x-bcpio
bin application/x-macbinary
bmp image/bmp
c text/plain
cab application/octet-stream
cdf application/x-netcdf
cgi &text/html
class application/octet-stream
css text/css
dcr application/x-director
clp application/x-msclip
cmx image/x-cmx
cod image/cis-cod
cpio application/x-cpio
crd application/x-mscardfile
csh application/x-csh
dcr application/x-director
dir application/x-director
dms application/octet-stream
doc application/msword
dot application/msword
dvi application/x-dvi
dxr application/x-director
eps application/postscript
etx text/x-setext
evy application/envoy
exe &text/html
flr x-world/x-vrml
gif image/gif
gtar application/x-gtar
gz application/x-gzip
h text/plain
hdf application/x-hdf
hdml text/x-hdml	
hlp application/winhlp
hqx application/mac-binhex40
htm text/html
html text/html
ico image/x-icon
ief image/ief
jar application/octet-stream
jpe image/jpeg
jpeg image/jpeg
jpg image/jpeg
js text/javascript
latex application/x-latex
lha application/octet-stream
lzh application/octet-stream
m13 application/x-msmediaview
m14 application/x-msmediaview
man application/x-troff-man
mdb application/x-msaccess
me application/x-troff-me
mny application/x-msmoney
js application/x-javascript
map application/x-image-map
midi audio/x-midi
mov video/quicktime
movie video/x-sgi-movie
mp3 audio/mpeg
mpe video/mpeg
mpeg video/mpeg
mpg video/mpeg
mpl application/x-mpire
mpp application/x-msproject
ms application/x-troff-ms
nc application/x-netcdf
oda application/oda
pbm image/x-portable-bitmap
pdf application/pdf
pgm image/x-portable-graymap
pict image/pict
pl &text/html
pma application/x-perfmon
pmc application/x-perfmon
pml application/x-perfmon
pmr application/x-perfmon
pmw application/x-perfmon
png image/png
pnm image/x-portable-anymap
ppm image/x-portable-pixmap
ppt application/x-mspowerpoint
ps application/postscript
pub application/x-mspublisher
qt video/quicktime
qtc video/x-qtc
qtvr video/quicktime
quicksend application/x-quicksend
ra application/x-pn-realaudio
ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
ras image/x-cmu-raster
raw application/x-raw-stuff
rgb image/x-rgb
roff application/x-troff
rtf application/rtf
rtx text/richtext
sclass application/x-sapplet
search application/x-search
servlet application/x-servlet
sh application/x-sh
shar application/x-shar
sit application/x-stuffit
snd audio/basic
spl application/futuresplash
src application/x-wais-source
ssi application/x-SSI
stm text/html
sv4cpio application/x-sv4cpio
sv4crc application/x-sv4crc
swa application/x-director
swf application/x-shockwave-flash
t application/x-troff
tar application/x-tar
tcl application/x-tcl
tex application/x-tex
texi application/x-texinfo
texinfo application/x-texinfo
text text/plain
tif image/tiff
tiff image/tiff
tpl *text/html
tplw +*text/html
tr application/x-troff
trm application/x-msterminal
tsv text/tab-separated-values
txt text/plain
upload application/x-upload
ustar application/x-ustar
vhost text/html
vmi application/zip
wav audio/x-wav
wax audio/x-ms-wax
wks application/x-msworks
wm video/x-ms-wm
wma audio/x-ms-wma
wmd application/x-ms-wmd
wmf application/x-msmetafile
wml text/vnd.wap.wml
wmls text/vnd.wap.wmlscript
wmv video/x-ms-wmv
wmx video/x-ms-wmx
wmz application/x-ms-wmz
wo text/html
word application/msword
wri application/x-mswrite
wrl x-world/x-vrml
wrp +text/html
wrpt +*text/html
wrz x-world/x-vrml
wvx video/x-ms-wvx
xaf x-world/x-vrml
xbm image/x-xbitmap
xl application/excel
xla application/x-msexcel
xlc application/x-msexcel
xlm application/x-msexcel
xls application/x-msexcel
xlt application/x-msexcel
xlw application/x-msexcel
xml text/xml
xof x-world/x-vrml
xpm image/x-xpixmap
xwd image/x-xwindowdump
zip applicat