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Email Status Errors and Messages

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Created On: 26 Jun 2003 11:33 am
Last Edited: 26 Jun 2003 11:35 am

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There is no complete list or mappings of all error messages!

In addition, responding email servers all have their own set of error messages and responses unrelated to Web Crossing.


When a message is sent through Web Crossing:

If the email is accepted into webx from an outside email client (Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, etc) via SMTP In, the first entry is similar to the following:

20-Jun-03 08:27:18 smtp-in OK (Received mail from: to: client-IP:

However that will not be present if the email is generated from within Web Crossing (say from a macro, or an outgoing subscription notification, or a WebMail generated email).

Followed shortly by:

20-Jun-03 08:09:46 smtp-out OK ID=2549 Send email. Outgoing message queued To: From:

Then when the email is successfully sent out of Web Crossing:

20-Jun-03 08:11:04 smtp-out OK ID=2549 Send email. Sent email To: From:

Occasionally, you may also see the following a number of times before the email is actually sent successfully, if so, ignore it as a transient problem (receiving email server is busy, temporarily offline, etc):

20-Jun-03 08:11:02 smtp-out error ID=2549 Send email. Connect error (Internet address disconnected.) To: From:

When a user checks email in Web Crossing:

A POP check looks like:

20-Jun-03 03:43:31 pop3 connect
20-Jun-03 03:43:31 pop3 OK LOGIN by support from
20-Jun-03 03:43:40 pop3 disconnect

An IMAP check looks like:

26-Jun-03 09:05:39 imap connect
26-Jun-03 09:05:39 imap OK LOGIN by Support from
26-Jun-03 09:05:39 imap disconnect

Mail accepted into, and destined for a Web Crossing account:

20-Jun-03 00:52:00 smtp-in OK (Received mail from: babies@diapers.smell.comto: client-IP:

Various Error Messages (trimmed for readability):

smtp-out errors

Could not deliver mail within NN hour(s)

Web Crossing gave up the delivery based on your "Maximum number of hours to hold undeliverable email:" control panel setting, and returned the email to the sender.

DNS lookup -- no host

Usually due to a forged domain name, but could be caused by a missing, incorrect, or failed DNS server setting in the Email Services Control Panel.

This user doesn't have a account

No such user

Internet address disconnected.

Mail delivery error ( <> user unknown

<>... User unknown

Fatal error from destination SMTP server ( not our customer)

Mail delivery error ( not our customer)

Invalid recipient

Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

Disconnected from:

These messages, and ones similar, all mean that the destination email account does not exist at the domain accepting the email, or the destination email server is otherwise rejecting your email.

Sorry, your message to cannot be delivered. This account is over quota.

These messages, and ones similar, mean that the destination email account has reached the maximum number of messages it is permitted to accept by their system administrator.

VS10-RT Possible forgery or deactivated due to abuse (#5.1.1))

Self explanatory.