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Starting WebX automatically under Mac OS X

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Created On: 18 Mar 2003 11:18 am
Last Edited: 11 Apr 2011 9:31 am

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How can I launch webx automatically under OSX when the machine boots up?


This is really more of a question of understanding how your operating system works.

The following startup script is not supported by Web Crossing. It may or may not work for you and we supply this "as-is" and without warranty. Ideally you should check Apple Technical Support if you have problems or need a different solution.

Obtain the TAR file below.

From the Terminal, enter:

cd /system/Library/StartupItems

and place the TAR file there.

Now enter:

sudo tar xvf WebCrossingStartup.tar

This will expand the TAR file using the proper directory structure of "WebCrossing". Next, edit the file named "WebCrossing" and change the entries for "cd /webx/" to reflect your particular path to Web Crossing, as mentioned below.

That's it! Now when you start OSX, you Web Crossing server will start automatically.

Get this: WebCrossingStartup.tar

This text is also contained in the file "WebCrossing" contained with the TAR file.

# WebCrossing Internet Server OSX Startup Scripts
# These files are provided as a convenience and guide only
# and are not supported by Web Crossing Inc. (WCI)
# nor is WCI responsible for their use or any problems
# that may arise from their use.
# cd to "/system/Library/StartupItems" and place the TAR file there.
# untar the distribution with "tar xvf WebCrossingStartup.tar"
# Many of the following commands require you execute
# them as a root user (ie: using sudo) from the Terminal
# so be sure you know what you are doing!
# Change all "cd /webx/" references here to the full path 
# of your particular Web Crossing installation. If you do not
# do this then nothing will work!
# If you didn't untar this using the contained directory structure,
# then create a directory named "WebCrossing" inside
# "/system/Library/StartupItems"
# Place this file (named "WebCrossing") and ":StartupParameters.plist"
# inside the newly created "/system/Library/StartupItems/WebCrossing"
# directory. Make sure the "WebCrossing" file is executable
# (-rwxr-xr-x via "sudo chmod +x WebCrossing") and StartupParameters.plist
# should already be (-rw-r--r--)
# That's it!