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Determining What Cookies are Stored

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Created On: 11 Jan 2004 5:55 pm
Last Edited: 11 Jan 2004 5:55 pm

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How can I determine what cookies are stored on a browser by my site if I do not know their names ahead of time?


Use the %% envir.http_cookie %% command. This will return all the accessible cookies stored by the site on the browser in a name=value pair format, semicolon delimited.

For example:

webxUser=536B696E6E536B696E6E536B696E6E536B696E6E0421D3DBDFE8A0AB9D37D; webxSupportUser=Bruce%20Skinner; webxSupportcompany=WCI;; webxSupporttelephone=5105551212; webxSupporthosted=;; webxSupportwebxVertical=Web%20Crossing

The values are URL encoded, so when you work with them be sure to use %% string.fromUrl %%.