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Removing the Moderated Message Approval Page

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Created On: 15 Nov 1999 12:23 pm
Last Edited: 22 Apr 2005 7:35 am

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I like the moderation feature, especially the Objectionable Word option. However I would like discussions and messages to be posted directly without the "A moderator will review your new discussion topic." page popping up. How can I do this?


This requires modifying various macros from standard.tpl (webxStd-local.tpl for v5.0+). Please see your documentation for further information on WCTL and standard templates.


Edit the standard template "addMessage". To have moderated messages
that do not contain objectionable words post directly (instead of
going through the normal approve/edit form), add the following to
the addMessage form: <input name=postDirect type=hidden value=true>


Edit the standard template for "addDiscussion". Place
<input type=hidden name=approve value=approve>
right after the <FORM...> in all locations where it appears.