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What is the point of the webx.tpl file (and: I don't have a webx.tpl)?

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Created On: 10 Mar 1999 8:12 pm
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:31 am

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The value and use of the webx.tpl file isn't readily apparent to everyone.

Users often don't understand why they do not have a webx.tpl


The webx.tpl permits the Web Crossing site developer to implement much more elaborate customization than can be accomplished by adding HTML to the textboxes in the Control Panel. Using the webx.tpl file effectively requires a working knowledge of the Web Crossing Template Language and a programming background will be very helpful.

The webx.tpl file is an ordinary text file located in the same directory as the Web Crossing database (v4.1 and earlier) or in the webxTemplates directory (v5.0+). This file will NOT exist until created (versions 3.1 and earlier), and will be blank in later versions! If you're not sure of the correct location, consult with your system administrator.

To begin modifying the default appearance or operation of Web Crossing, copy the macro you wish to modify from standard.tpl (v4.1 and earlier) or webxStd-local.tpl (v5.0+) to webx.tpl (do NOT copy the entire file to webx.tpl), make some simple changes, and reset the cache in the Control Panel. Each time you change webx.tpl you must reset the cache so that Web Crossing will read webx.tpl again and implement your changes. You can write you own macros to add new functionality to Web Crossing, but it is generally best to start by modifying existing macros.