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Cannot Download Plugins or Check for Updates

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Created On: 17 Nov 2004 8:05 am
Last Edited: 6 Dec 2005 10:13 am

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When I try and download and install plugins via "Shop for Plugins" in my Control Panel, or perform a Check for Updates, Web Crossing says "* Can't create connection" or "Server response code: 302" or the page refresh stalls or I am returned to the Control Panel or top of site immediately.


If you are returned immediately to some other page, the problem is with your Web Mapping table. You'll need to fix up your entries.

If the page hangs, make sure you have a correct Server Name for this instance entered into the Web Services Control Panel.


Presuming, particularly for Windows boxes, that you haven't forgotten to enter the IP address of a DNS server in the Email Services Control Panel (DNS Servers are used to perform required name lookups), then the problem is with your Firewall.

Web Crossing uses XML-RPC over Port 80. You need to open your firewall on port 80 and make sure it allows non-HTTP traffic.

This is the easiest and most fail-safe way of installing plugins. Even if you just open your firewall long enough to install the plugins and then close it again.

Otherwise you need to use our manual plugin install solution. If you visit directly and put items on your shopping cart and checkout you will be given an option to download an archive file you can expand and install on your server manually. If you do this, do not forget to Resynch the File System or Web Crossing will not know the new files are there.