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Bandwidth Usage

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Created On: 29 Sep 1999 6:22 pm
Last Edited: 10 Feb 2005 5:09 pm

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How much bandwidth usage should I allow for if I had a chat going with X number of people.


Bandwidth is usually very little with chats. One way of calculating usage is:

If one Person sends a message of about 50 characters every 20 seconds or so. This results in the same 50 characters being propagated to everyone else in the chatroom:

From the Web Crossing Server Perspective:
Total Chars/20 secondsPeople In RoomMessage from Each UserReceivedSent KB/s
15050500.0024 KB/s
21001002000.0098 KB/s
105005005,0000.244 KB/s
1005,0005,000500,00024.4 KB/s
100050,00050,00050,000,0002441 KB/s (2.4 MB/s)

So for the high traffic case of 1000 simultaneous users, each sending a 50 character message every 20 seconds, it would take 2.4 Megabytes per second of bandwidth.