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Resetting Cache has No Effect

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Created On: 24 Jun 2003 9:19 am
Last Edited: 13 Jul 2006 12:40 pm

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When we make changes to our templates, and then use the "Reset file cache for HTML files and webx.tpl templates." function we see no change!


...however stopping and restarting the server does cause the changes to take effect.

...our site becomes unresponsive for a period of time.


If you are running v5.0+, and made changes to your templates outside of Web Crossings builtin FTP server, remember that you probably have to first "Resynch to host filesystem. (Only required when filesystem changes are made outside of this server.)", and THEN reset the cache.

In most cases where it appears that a cache refresh has not worked, the problem is simply that your browser itself has cached the page(s) you are viewing. This is typical with IE, which caches pages aggressively. If simply moving about your site normally doesn't show the changes, try emptying your temporary internet files.

However, on very large and/or active sites, this issue can be seen because the reset cache is "queued" for later operation when there are no templates in use. This can take quite some time if your site is very busy. If you just can't wait, then shut down and restart the server.

Also depending on the activity of your site and exactly what it is your templates do, a cache reset could make it appear that your site has stopped working for a (lengthy) period of time before it starts responding again.