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How can I set up a folder to mirror an e-mail list?

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Created On: 30 Sep 1999 1:04 pm
Last Edited: 22 Oct 1999 12:27 pm

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How can I set up a folder to mirror an e-mail list?


1. Configure the appropriate IP address for your DNS server in the control panel.

2. Create a POP3 account on your mail server for this purpose.

3. Subscribe the POP3 account to the mailing list. The mailing list software must support X-headers - most mailing list
software does but packages that don't do exist.

4. Add a folder for this purpose.

5. Inside that folder click "Edit Folder" and provide the address and password for the POP3 account created in step2,
and the address for posting to the list.

Web Crossing will check for mail at the POP3 account every three minutes. If a message found on the account has a subject line different than any discussion in the subscribed folder, a new discussion will be created. If a message has the same subject line as an existing discussion, it will be added as a message in the existing discussion. If a user posts to a discussion, the message will be sent to the list address under the user's name.