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Bad page count

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Created On: 13 Jun 2002 9:58 am
Last Edited: 11 Apr 2011 10:26 am

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My webx.log shows this "Bad page count=NNN"


When an automated backup is kicked off, this error is emailed to the sysop


You have a corrupted database.

See: Common Causes for Database Corruption

Follow standard procedures to recover from a previous copy. If you run automated backups (the kind set in the Web Crossing GUI...not a system backup) and have not performed a manual backup since receiving this message, then your backup (webxdb.1) is not corrupted and you may recover via normal methods: Corrupt Database, What to Do.

However if you have performed manual backups while this condition exits, then you have moved the corrupted database into your backup.

In this case the best thing to do is a site export/import as defined here: Using Export/Import to Fix or Repack a Database