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Created On: 5 Aug 2002 7:37 am
Last Edited: 21 Aug 2011 8:27 pm

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I installed webx (most likely as a CGI or FastCGI) and when I try to access my page all I see is "e 1".


I have Direct Web Service (DWS) turned off. My web server is being prevented from binding port 80 and all I see is "e 1"!


I have DWS on but I see "e 1".


When you try to connect, the "e 1" you see is a response from the Web Crossing chat server.

This problem occurs when:

  • You have turned on Chat Services, but neglected to change the default chat port from 80 (when running as a CGI/FastCGI). Change the chat port to some other value. See related Chat FAQs
  • You have DWS turned on, but are using some port other than the standard web port of "80", or are using exclusively SSL (port 443). Your chat server port is still configured for port 80. Change it to be the same as your DWS port.
  • Another process on the same box is running and is either configured to use the same IP address or is not configured to any single IP address and so is binding all available IPs. To see if this is the case, shut down the normal Web Crossing server process. If you reload that page and still get an "e 1" then some other process is answering. You'll need to sleuth out which one and either shut it off or configure it properly.