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While loop limit reached

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Created On: 30 Jul 2002 8:18 am
Last Edited: 30 Jul 2002 8:18 am

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What does "While loop limit reached" mean and why am I seeing it when I run a custom macro?


In order to prevent Web Crossing from going into infinite loops due to poorly coded %% while [criteria] %% / %% endwhile %%, we provide an adjustable limiter.

If your macro is functioning properly, you can increase this limit in the General Control Panel / Presentations / Maximum while-loop iterations per page.

You could also insert a %% whileLimitReset %% (versions 4.0+) into your %% while %% loop, which will reset the counter on each pass. However if your macro is faulty, doing this could send web crossing into an infinite loop that the limiter was designed to prevent.