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webx-run error: Is Web Crossing already running as process NNNN

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Created On: 12 Apr 2004 9:58 am
Last Edited: 17 Apr 2004 4:22 pm

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Unix servers only:

Your server box crashed, had a power failure, or for some other reason Web Crossing did not shut down gracefully. Now when you try and restart webx you see a message like:

./webx-run error: Is Web Crossing already running as process 4251 
Could not acquire a record lock on "/webx/webx.lock". 
Use 'make quit' to stop Web Crossing. System error [Resource temporarily unavailable]

Or some other similar error message or dialog box related to Web Crossing already running.


This solution assumes you have already verified that the process referenced in the error message is in fact NOT running.

Because Web Crossing wasn't properly shut down, a file named "webx.lock" was not removed. This file can be found in your root "webx" directory where the server binary resides. Delete this file, and then restart.

"webx.lock" is used to prevent multiple webx processes from running the same database which would corrupt it.