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Why do I get an error when I use the "Mark" or Check Messages buttons?

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Created On: 26 Jan 1999 5:43 pm
Last Edited: 10 Apr 2001 2:20 pm

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When you click the "Mark" or "Check Messages" or "Message Center" button(s), the server may return an error message.


You're probably using Windows, but this can also happen with other OS's when certain firewalls are used. If you'll look carefully at the URL when this happens, you'll probably see that the server name or IP address is incorrect. Web Crossing builds self-referential URLs using the SERVER_NAME CGI environment variable - if that data is incorrect the URL is bad also. A number of people reporting this on Windows servers tell us they see *their* IP address rather than that of the server, which makes us think the web server is incorrectly providing the data that should be on REMOTE_ADDR on SERVER_NAME instead. You can set the Server Name and Host Name Alias fields in the control panel to override the bogus data from the web server.

HOSTED sites of ours may see this as well if they are using a domain name to access their forums, rather than the IP number we supplied, and have neglected to update the "Server Name" value.