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Why isn't my Email Being Picked Up (mirroring OR validation)

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Created On: 4 Jan 2000 3:30 pm
Last Edited: 4 Jan 2000 3:30 pm

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I've set up my email validation. The emails go but Web Crossing isn't checking the email account for responses, yet I see them in the POP account..


I set up a folder to mirror a list, but it's not working, the posts aren't being picked up by Web Crossing, yet I see them in the POP account.


Usually this occurs because the MX record for your mail server is different than the "server address" you entered into Web Crossing.

Example: you set up webX to check "". However, the email server for "" is actually "". If this is the case, then the POP account information in Web Crossing must be "".

Web Crossing also has a logEmail file (assuming it is activated in the sysop control panel). Always look at this file to see what email errors are being generated.