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Can Support Recover my Corrupted Database?

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Created On: 11 Apr 2001 9:04 am
Last Edited: 4 Mar 2013 10:34 am

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I have tried the options detailed here already, but still cannot recover my database. Can support recover my data for me?


We can try!

Database recovery/reconstruction is as follows:

An initial fee of $150 US is billed, good for up to one hour of hands
on restore time.

Each additional hour of hands on time, if needed, is also billed at
$150/hr US in whole hour increments.

We do not bill you for the time the computer is crunching your data,
only the time a technician is physically working on your database.

If the corruption was due to a Web Crossing problem with a current supported release, or if we can
recover no data because the database is too corrupted, there will be
no charge to you.

Web Crossing makes no guarantees as to how much data can be

We will do our best to retain the original location ID#s of the
various objects in your conference so that links into the conference
from outside, etc., remain the same. However if the DB is too
damaged this may not be possible.

If you use enclosures on your site, links to the enclosures may no
longer be valid, again, depending on the severity of the corruption.

You will be required to upgrade to our most current version and/or build. There may be a fee involved for you to upgrade, please contact first!

The restore process can be quite lengthy (hours or overnight or
more), and is dependent on the size of the database and the level of
damage. We cannot estimate how long the process will take.

In order to proceed, please

1) Contact our order department (, and work
with them to establish a Purchase Order for a minimum of 2 hours
($300). We will bill only for additional time used after the first
$150. If the process will require more than 2hrs hands on time we
will contact you.

2) After completing step one, we'll ask you to ZIP together the following files
(if they all exist) and FTP them (we do not accept large email
attachments) to the "incoming"directory of "" then
email support that they are there. Include your SYSOP password:

webxdb.1 & 2
webxroll.1 & 2
(and any ExpNN files we need to import, where applicable)
The contents of your Enclosures directory if you post attachments.