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How do I do a Backup With Repack Offline?

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Created On: 7 Jan 1999 5:09 pm
Last Edited: 29 May 2003 10:31 am

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How can a backup with repack be done without disrupting service?


1. Do a standard backup from the control panel. This will create files webxdb.1 and webx.roll.1. Turn OFF any automated/scheduled backups you have set in the webx backup control panel, so that nothing rolls over during the subsequent repack.

2. Copy the webxdb.1 file to a development instance of Web Crossing and rename it webx.db.

3. Start the development server, log on as sysop, and do the backup with repack. This may take several hours.

4. Stop both the development server and the production server.

5. Rename the webx.db and webxdb.1 files on the production server, but do not delete them until you are confident the restoration is complete.

6. Copy the newly repacked webx.db file from the development server to the production server, and rename it webxdb.1.

7. Start the production server. Web Crossing will reconstruct the webx.db file from the webxroll.1 transaction log and the (newly repacked) wexbdb.1 backup. Since the webxroll.1 file will be only a few hours old and quite small, this will not take long.

8. Turn your automated backup schedule back on.