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Mar 2, 2021 - 05:58pm

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Why is Web Crossing unresponsive during a backup with repack?

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Created On: 2 Oct 1998 10:34 am
Last Edited: 9 Feb 2005 12:09 am

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Why does when Web Crossing become unresponsive/performance suffers when I do a backup with repack?


NOTE: Upgrading to any v4.1 after 10/25/01 will contain changes that optimize repack performance to the point where the impact on the site is generally minimal.

There are several steps to a backup with repack, and it is time consuming:

* make a copy of all the objects in the original database, packing them up
so as to remove all fragmentation, and keeping track of old/new object
* make a pass over the packed-up DB to update all object handle references
from the old handle to the new one. This can take a long time.
* make a pass over the packed-up DB to check all DB segment-list
structures (used for each folder, the member directory, highwater marks,
etc. This can also take a long time.
* finally, save all the webx.db changes to disk and switch to the repacked DB.