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Automatic Backups Have Stopped

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Created On: 2 May 2002 12:09 pm
Last Edited: 10 Jun 2009 2:43 pm

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I have noticed that Web Crossing is no longer performing automated backups.


NOTE: if you are running V4.1 with a build date prior to 02JUL02, update your build immediately. In certain situations, most particularly in a master/slave cluster, with previous builds automatic backups could stop. Updating your build will fix this.

First of course, verify your automated backup settings, disk space, etc.

In recent Web Crossing releases, if Web Crossing detects a problem with the database it will cease to do automated backups. The assumption here is that by doing this it will not overwrite existing backups with a bad database.

When this condition is detected, an email is sent to the sysop (assuming of course email services have been activated and you have a valid site email address) warning them.

To remedy this, restore form a Web Crossing generated backup. We also recommend you perform an Export/Import. These topics are covered in the Backup portion of this FAQ site.