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How do I create a file to import users?

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Created On: 12 Dec 1997 6:21 pm
Last Edited: 22 Oct 1999 12:27 pm

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Here's an example of the syntax for an import file that adds two users in the group "musicians".


Note the use of "passwordc" (for password cleartext) as opposed to "password" - this is necessary when the password has not
been previously encrypted by Web Crossing, as it would be if this file had been exported from a Web Crossing database. The
"group" tags are not required; if groups are not being used for Access Lists, you only need the user lines in your import

<group ID=1 name="musicians"> 
  <user ID=1 name="Chopin, Frederic" email="" passwordc="mazurka"> 
  <user ID=2 name="Haydn, Joseph" email="" passwordc="farewell" >