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What does "unable to create service" mean? (NT)

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Created On: 12 Mar 1999 8:29 pm
Last Edited: 11 Feb 2000 11:59 am

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Occasionally a user will receive an "unable to create service" error while attempting to install Web Crossing.


There are two possible reasons for an error like this:

1) You are not logged in as administrator OR as a user with privileges that allow service creation.

2) There is already an instance of Web Crossing running. In that case you would need to stop AND remove the service using the Web Crossing Configuration program.

This second error usually occurs when you have run the installer twice and are unwittingly attempting to install a new service at the same location as one that is already installed. To install a new version of Web Crossing, you must stop and uninstall the older version with the Web Crossing Configuration dialog.