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Group Calendar: Text at Top of Screen

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Created On: 2 Feb 2005 7:46 am
Last Edited: 11 Oct 2004 8:43 am

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I turned on the Group Calendars, but now when I load them I see strange text at the top of the screen similar to:

 **** Server: 10/20/04 1:38:41.758 PM 'sysop' ****CalPageRequest@@.ee7ba8f!SeqNo=8&OwnerId=.ee7be33 ****ObjsJS - 'AllowUserCals' missing.**** JS=PageElemsAccept( Env(".ee7be33") ); CalInstRelEdit(".ee7be33");EnvReadOnly(".ee7be33", false );CalInstEditUser(".ee7be33",{D:{Year:2004,Month:10,Day:20},T:{Value:49109752}});U = "";CalPageSend( Env(".ee7be33"), ViewCalendar, U ); ****


Group Calendars require you also turn on Private Calendars.

1) Make sure you also have personal calendars turned on. In order to use
shared you must have personal on also. "User Item Manager/Enable User Items".

2) After this, be sure you have the lastest calendar code. Do a "Check for Updates" in your control panel and get any and all indicated updates (calendar related or not)