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How do I restore a backup of my database?

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Created On: 2 Jun 1999 11:04 am
Last Edited: 25 May 2005 6:24 pm

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The best information on restoring a backup is in the Backup and Recovery section of the online documentation, but here's a short step-by-step set of instructions.


1. Read the Backup and Recovery section of the online documentation.

2. *** Stop the Web Crossing server ***

3. Make safe copies of webx.db, webxdb.1, webxroll.1, and any webxdb.n/webxroll.n files that may exist.

4. Rename the webx.db file.

5. Make sure webxdb.1 and webxroll.1 (or a copy) are in the root webx directory and start the Web Crossing server.

Web Crossing will reconstruct the database by copying the most recent backup (webxdb.1) to webx.db (this can take a while if your database is quite large), then bringing all the transactions held in the rollforward log (webxroll.1). If the webxroll.1 file is very large this procedure could take hours and Web Crossing will be unresponsive until it is complete. Progress may be monitored by periodically examining the end of the logRoll file found in your root webx directory. Note: logRoll will not start showing data while copying webxdb.1 to webx.db, it only does so when processing webxroll.1