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How do I customize the Error Messages

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Created On: 6 Feb 2001 8:34 am
Last Edited: 16 Jul 2002 8:52 am

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I want to customize (or translate) the Web Crossing error messages.


First you need to grab the %% macro error %% from standard.tpl and place it into your webx.tpl file.

Within this macro, the %% error %% "variable" holds the value of the recent error. So you'll need to capture this value, examine it using string functions, then output your own custom error message.

For example:

%% if error.tail == "found" %%
The item you are looking for no longer exists. You may have followed a link in old Web Crossing documentation or bookmarked an item that has since been deleted.
%% elsif error == "Post with no data" %%
You have asked web crossing to process a form with no data. This may be because you bookmarked an item immediately after creating it (so you bookmarked the web crossing creation command rather than display command), or some custom macro by the sysop has error(s) in it.
%% elsif error == "No enclosures" %%
You have requested an enclosure from a location where one does not exist or no longer exists.
%% elsif error == "No user information available" %%
You have requested information on a non-existant user or the user value was null (macro error?).
%% elsif error.substring (0,40) == "Web Crossing server is unable to process" %%
You have asked Web Crossing to process a non-existant command code or a command code not available in this version.
%% endif %%

Here is a list of common error messages. There is no complete list of all error messages:

No pathname.
Missing template xxxx
"xxxx" is missing a prefix or direction.
Pathname not found
No access
File already has an access list
Import pathname not found
To import, you must be a conference host or the sysop
Import filename missing
Could not create report file xxxxx.
No access to user groups
Missing group name
Error creating xxxx: xxerrorcodexx
"xxxx" is missing a name, prefix or direction
No group named xxxx
Import group not found
To import into a user group, you must be a conference host or the sysop
Internal error accessing xxxx
Import filename not found
Group not found
There is no access list for the full list of users
User group already has an access list
Post with no data
Only a system operator may use this request
xxxx not found
File not found
Web Crossing server is unable to process xxxx
xxxx...error strings for various error codes...xxxx
Error posting new folder: xxxx
Guest users do not have subscription lists. Login as a registered user, then read your subscription list
Import Pathname Not Found
Folder Pathname Not Found
You do not have edit access for this folder